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Anna Dummett's 1861 poem. She describes the forming of troops and elicits scenes of battle, ending every verse with, "To arms! To arms!"

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Union soldier of the 7th New Hampshire Volunteers, Blaky Mason's 1863; 3 page "Report on St. Augustine," sent in a letter to "Friend Frank." Initial detail is on St. Augustine's favorable climate, and several companies of the 7th New Hampshire…

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Clarissa Anderson's 1863 letter to her son, Andrew Anderson, describing Mrs. Frances Kirby Smith's decision to remain in the city, a cold front, and Confederate deserters arriving in St. Augustine. The deserter arrives with rumors of a large-scale…

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Clarissa Anderson's 1862 letter to her son, Andrew Anderson describing Willie Williams' return to St. Augustine after being paroled and released from a Union prison. Later, Anderson details the arrival of John Dickison and Judge Benjamin Putnam to…

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Union soldier of the 7th New Hampshire Volunteers, Onville Upton's 1862 letter to his sister and mother. He describes the enlistment of a black company and his attitude on their presence in St. Augustine.

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Confederate St. Augustine resident, H.B. Jenckes' 1862 letter to Mary Martha Reid. She details the food shortages affecting Confederate St. Augustine and foreshadows its Union occupation, if not for the help of England, writing, "I dread to hear. I…

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Nathaniel H. Brown's 1862; 1 page report concerning oaths of allegiance to the Union, Confederate prisoners, and a "sail boat with three negroes."

Dennis O'Brien's 1863 hand-drafted newspaper satirically detailing events in and around Union occupied St. Augustine. Articles concern fictional patrols beyond St. Augustine's western picket line, obituaries, and sarcastic comments on the quality and…

Jenckes Letters_Page_2.jpg
Confederate St. Augustine resident, H.B. Jenckes' account of day-to-day activities in a March 10-13th, 1862 letter to Mary Martha Reid. Her initial concern is for a small attack at Tocoi, then she turns her attention to food shortages and the rising…

W.C. Middleton's 1862 journal concerning his travels, daily routine and challenges as a member of the St. Augustine Blues and 3rd Florida Regiment. At the start, he details events surrounding the Union occupation of St. Augustine on March 9th and…

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